20. oktober 2019 - 9:00 till 14:00
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Sir John Cleland Memorial walk - Boundary hike | Belair National Park | söndag, 20. oktober 2019

Professor Sir John Cleland Memorial Walk in Belair National Park
Sunday 20th October, 2019
Whole boundary hike 5 hours with Di Neill.
Meet at 9am by the Green Shed for a 5 hour boundary hike in memory of Sir John Cleland. Leader: Di NeillThis boundary hike will require moderate fitness level.There will be 2 stops, for morning tea and lunch. Please bring your own food and snacks. Bring ample water for the duration of the hike.Please wear sun smart and bushwalking appropriate clothing and footwear.For more information contact Friends of Belair National Park on 0417 870 596
Information about why we commemorate Sir John Cleland each year:Prior to the formation of the Department of the Environment in the seventies the National Park at Belair was run by a group of Commissioners. Professor Sir John Cleland was Deputy Chairman for five years from 1931 and was Chairman from 1936-1956. During this period of office, Cleland undertook the self-imposed task of inspecting Belair National Park on foot, during the period between Christmas and New Year's Day. It was his purpose to assess the management of the park, in relation to weeds, firebreaks, fencing and anything else that came to his attention, so that he could advise park staff more specifically as to how they could best discharge their duties. While regular inspections with the other Commissioners generally occurred within Belair, John Cleland at this time set out to walk around its boundaries.It is this action of his that the Friends of Belair National Park seek to commemorate with the Professor Sir John Cleland Memorial Walk. By doing so it is hoped to draw attention to the history of Belair National Park, and the role of one highly significant person in the managing, developing and appreciation of this Park.