26. september 2019 - 8:30 till 18:00
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The Edge Computing Show - Embracing the Mist & Fog | | torsdag, 26. september 2019

Will the future of mobile computing emerge from the edge, fog or mist?
With the rise of IoT connected devices and/or assets a new opportunity has arisen to make the most of the vast amounts of data that is now being generated at the edge of the enterprise. There are many different views about what edge, fog and mist computing are and the positive impact that they will have on the way that organisations utilise data generated at source.
The key thing to remember is, that whether data from IoT devices is crunched before being sent to the cloud for analysis or if the IoT device itself provides the computing power to take decisions locally without the need for the cloud, these technologies offer the opportunity to decrease the requirement for cloud resources, conserve network bandwidth and to speed up decision making.
The first edition of The Edge Computing Show - Embracing the Fog & Mist is coming to Stockholm in September 2019. Bringing together thought leaders from organisations across Europe to showcase the opportunities that edge, fog and mist computing can bring to your enterprise.