09. augusti 2019 - 18:00 till 23:59
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Shamanic Yoga Workshop | GOTHENBURG | 9-10 August | Tempel Riddare Orden | fredag, 09. augusti 2019

“It shifted my understanding of what Yoga actually is, on a fundamental level”
Joe Farmer & Activist | UK

Yoga is a group ritual of Healing.

On this 2-day Tantra Yoga Workshop, we will practice a rare form of Tantra rooted in India’s Shamanic & Yogic wisdom. We will practice methods that awaken the healing power of Shakti.
Shakti is kundalini and life power.

She moves through the Physical and Energy bodies, clearing a path of life and love to ground. Emotional and physical pain, as well as reoccurring patterns in our lives, are moved and integrated when Shakti begins to awaken to the dance of energy.
Shakti is the sexual goddess of life, love and power, and she is the great healer. Her heat melts frozen energy and her ice cools the fires that burn. Shakti takes us through and beyond the labyrinth of the mind. She gives us the gift to dream infinite ways of being.

Tantra knows of secret energy doorways.
Such doorways are opened by special practices. In her path of healing Shakti flows through the doorways and effects healing. She heals past relationships, whether they involve our ancestors, lovers or family or friends. Healing commences and ends with forgiveness, and in this line of Yoga, rooted in India’s native Tantric and Shamanic wisdom, there are many powerful magical tools of healing offered.
In darkness and candle light we will come into the circle of power to join a sacred ritual involving secret methods of Tantric Asanas (postures), Pranayam (breathwork), Mudras (gestures), and Mantras (sacred emotional syllables and animal sounds – often involving drumming). These secret techniques awaken trance like states, or dream-like experiences in which deep healing and unwinding occurs.

The workshop takes place over Friday and Saturday, in the evenings. The workshop has been thought as a single healing journey over 2 days, but it will be possible to join for just one day only if taking part to both days should not be possible.

Friday only: €70Saturday only: €70Friday & Saturday: €120
For more information on the Practice, the Lineage & the Teacher:www.healinginthewillows.com/tantra-yoga-workshop-gothenburg