24. februari 2018 - 22:00
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Art Nation + Dismissed | Sticky Fingers // Göteborg | lördag, 24. februari 2018

Sticky Fingers välkomnar Art Nation och Dismissed till Top Floor för en klubbspelning med riktigt skön känsla!

After releasing the debut album ”Revolution” in August 2015, Art Nation is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most promising rock acts. Art Nation have played at a number of large Swedish music festivals and are already booked for a lot of shows in 2017 including Sweden Rock Festival. The second album, “Liberation” was released in April 2017.

This is not a silent protest, the screams of the glitterarmy is louder than the bangs of your bombs.
This is the sound of a thousand angry voices compressed into our songs.
Every split lip or broken heart is put into our music.
Thank you, all haters out there.
Without you, no Dismissed.
This is Heads Held High.

Åldersgräns: 18 år med förköp, 20 år i dörren.