22. februari 2018 - 19:00
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Sweden Kizomba Festival 2018 -4th Ed. Official | Sweden Kizomba Festival | torsdag, 22. februari 2018



We can't wait to recieve you 2018 for our 4th edition. You know it will be AWESOME <3


Love from the #SwedenKizomba team
Tickets available NOW

+ 5 crazy parties and late night afterparties
+ Great international artists and DJ:s
+ 56 Workshops (4 rooms, all levels)
+ 40+ Taxi dancers and high level social dancing
+ 3 Dance floors with the best mix of Kizomba, Semba, Bachata and Salsa
+ Amazing atmosphere
+ All Workshops and Fri/Sat Parties at our main Venue:
Ullevi Football Stadium Event Center

SYS Choreo and Master Classes are upgrade add ons and not for beginners.

Thurs : Henriksberg www.facebook.com/events/2437242956501392/

Friday, Saturday, and during day on Sunday : Ullevi

Sunday Night: Twisted Feet Dance Academy https://www.facebook.com/events/332649050565127/

Monday: Henriksberg https://www.facebook.com/events/184656422302455/

*** *** *** LINE-UP 2018 *** *** ***

Ronie Saleh (Swe) - Confirmed
Laurent Yishu - Confirmed
Enah & Carolina(Fra)- Confirmed
Moun (Fra) - Confirmed
Arnold Bunda (Ge) - Confirmed
Donald Wilson (De) - Confirmed
Greg & Tania (USA//Spa) - Confirmed
Stou! (Fra) - Confirmed
JP & Stephy (Fra)- Confirmed
Sayana (UK) - Confirmed
Nasser & Ming (Swe) - Confirmed
Teresa Jimenez (Swe)- Confirmed
Jazzy Cubango (Fra) - Confirmed
Fred Maestro (Fra) - Confirmed
Francois & Therese (Sz/Swe) - Confirmed
Charles Ogar (Usa) - Confirmed
Audi MPK (Usa) - Confirmed
Fuse Fam (Swe) - Confirmed
Levente & Veronika (UK/Hun) - Confirmed
Cris & Helena (Swe) - Confirmed
Jessie & Jelena (Swe) - Confirmed
Billy & Monica - Kizomba Harmony ( usa) - Confirmed
Fabian & Nicolina (Swe) - Confirmed
Biskit & Paola (UK) - Confirmed
Kiz'Illusion (Fra) - Confirmed
Nima & Lovisa - Confirmed (Swe)
Emma - confirmed (Swe)
FuseFam (Swe) - Confirmed
Hicham loko (Dubai)- Confimed
Yves & Ida (Swe)- Confimed
Peter & Elin (Swe)- Confirmed
KizoLove Babs (Can)-Confirmed

DJ Chad (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Alnova (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Snakes (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ Karl *** Klass (Fra) - Confirmed
DJ JSI(Ne) - Confirmed
DJ Hugo Boss - Confirmed
DJ Da Mata(Angola) - Confirmed
DJ Morelasoul(Ne)- Confirmed
DJ S-Estii (Swe) - Confirmed
DJ Ogar (US) - Confirmed
DJ Lassen (Den) - Confirmed
DJ Suave (Swe) - Confirmed
DJ Bangolano(UK) - Confirmed
DJ Batman (Swe) - to be Confirmed
DJ Humberto (Cap Verd)- Confirmed
DJ Sören (Swe) - to be Confirmed
DJ Billy the Kiz (US)- Confirmed
DJ Fred Maestro (Fra) - Confirmed

Taxi Dancers
DreamKiz (Fra)- Confirmed
Cassanova (Netherlands/Belgium)- Confirmed
Stou Dancers - Confirmed
ModeZero (Netherlands) Confirmed
Mystiq (Swe)- Confirmed
NASA Team (Fra)- Confirmed
Kiztrotters (Fra) - confirmed
Ultimate Kiz (Fra)- confirmed
Over 45 taxis

Official Photographer: Acid Burn, Alexandre Luc
Offical Videographers: OnKizomba, BeaKiz
Plus many more coming ;)

*** *** *** BUY PASS AND REGISTER HERE *** *** ***

Get your early-bird pass today for the best available price

Alternative registration in sweden
Email gotkizo@gmail.com with confirmation of your payment to
Bg 866-7099 and your name, leader/follower

******************** PARTIES *********************

Love from the #SwedenKizomba team
  • TEMPTATION FESTIVAL (BARCELONA & MALAGA ) Will be there See u all this weekend in sweden https://www.facebook.com/events/784544611703225/?ti=cl https://www.facebook.com/events/593835437625849/?ti=cl
  • I'm selling my partypass( 3 nights) with a great discount!!! Contact me if you are interested!
  • I will also be there! Who els will be joining me on the dance floor?
  • Do not miss our class on saturday ❤️ https://www.facebook.com/DanceVidaSweden/videos/1606656706120542/
  • Am I the only one having a difficult time trying to decide which workshops to attend?? Wish I had 4 bodies so I could do them all... damm!!! 😂😂😂😂
  • Selling a full pass follower, please pm me :)
  • Looking to purchase a full leader pass or a couple pass, pm
  • Here is the info for opening hours of the registration desk :)
  • Need accommodation during the festival Thurs 22nd-Mon 26th? You can stay four nights with me sharing a comfortable twin hotel room with buffet breakfast and walking distance to Ullevi for just 35 euros per night. Send me a PM!
  • I am selling party and social pass. Please Pm, if you are interested.
  • ☡☡Now it is two days left to the weekend of the year!! ☡☡ Come and join our class me and Francois Tete. We are going to have two classes Sat 17-18 Kizomba outside the box Sun 13-14 Kizomba play with the music Outside the box - In the class are we going to practise how to interact with you partner in different ways. Like thinking outside the box. Though different exercises will you learn how to lead/follow not just with your hand but with your body. It is alot about expressions and have fun with each other even on the social dance floor.🤘🤘 Play with music - here we will give you some small variations of steps and how you can put/or use them in the music. It is also a class there you lady's can develop style so you can play with the music during the partner work. 👌👌
  • I'm looking for a leader full pass. Please contact me if you want to sell one or know somebody. Thank you
  • Hello guys! Someone selling a ticket? Just found out I Will be free from work 😊
  • Hello guys! Someone selling a ticket? Just found out I Will be free from work 😊
  • I have a ticket for "Show your style bootcamp" but no partner. So who's in with me? PM please
  • Do somebody need a room to share for the Festival?
  • Party Passes, SYS upgrades and One Night Passes WILL be available at the door of each party and at registration! (at higher price) Feel free to bring friends or come as you will to any party, there will be room. tickets will stop Friday and Saturday at 2am. Doors close at 5am (no workshops, full passes, or day passes will be available and have been sold out for some time)
  • Hey! A question about Show Your Style UPGRADE. Can you sign in alone or do one need a partner?
  • Looking for 3 day party/social pass for leader. PM team lovkiz .
  • Hi! anyone looking for a room thursday? 🙂 looking to share - PM me
  • Weather forecast improving <3
  • 🔥🔥🔥
  • LADIES!!!💃 This sunday i will be teaching bachata lady styling at Sweden Kizomba Festival 16.00 in room 5. Take your heels and attitude with you, see u there chicas! 👠👠👠