15. december 2018 - 21:00 till 22:15
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Unscripted: Improv Comedy featuring Monolith and Living Room | Alchemy Comedy Theater at Coffee Underground | lördag, 15. december 2018

Monolith shares the basic structure of most long-form improv: you give the team a suggestion and they give you a show. But there's a twist: everything you'll see will take place in one single, sustained scene—a monoscene. It's like a one-act play, except everything's written and performed simultaneously right in front of you.
In Living Room preformers will sit on stage and talk about a topic as if they were all hanging out in a living room. Then preform scenes based on the conversation that they have had.

Monolith features Burke Brown, Chris Freeland, Erin Collins, Griffin Pafford, Lindsay Heyman, Manus Clancy, Matt McAlister abd is coached by Jeremiah Jones.
Living Room Features Cat Stoddard, Evan Harris, Heather Detzner. Joe Johnson, Katie Steenerson, Phillip Whiting, Rachael Hardin and Wendy Pisor. Coached By Ben Burris