22. mars 2019 - 18:00
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"Two Hearts, One Beat" Couples Seminar 2019 | The Whitehall Houston | fredag, 22. mars 2019

Who Should Consider THIS Couples Seminar?
In short – everyone! 

Anyone who is married, in a committed partnership, or dating
Anyone who wants to rekindle their love for their partner
Those who are near break-up and want clarification and help
Someone who has broken up and wants help in making sense of it
Those who want to turn their current relationship into the relationship of their dreams
Anyone serious about having a great marriage/long-term relationship

All committed couples are welcome, regardless of marital or relationship status.  All you need to bring is an open mind, curiosity, and a desire to have a much better relationship!
How Can this Couples Seminar Help You?
There are many benefits that you will get from attending this couples seminar such as:

Understand what attracted you and your partner to one another in the first place
Learn why these very qualities may frustrate you now
Develop communication skills to effectively provide validation and empathy to your partner
Create new ways to bring the spark back to your relationship
Gain greater compassion for one another and for yourselves
Help each other get in adulthood what you didn’t get in childhood
Learn how to use your relationship for emotional healing and spiritual evolution

When Should You Register for this couples seminar?
If you’re talking about your relationship, the best time to make it stronger is always as soon as possible. Why wait?  The LGBT Marriage Club “Two Hearts, One Beat” saves couples lots of time, energy, money, and suffering!
This is The LGBT Marriage Clubs 3rd Annual Seminar, but space is limited to ensure every individual receives the attention he or she deserves. Sign up early to secure your spot!