20. juli 2019 - 12:00
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ReConnect - The Arctic Wilderness Experience | Padjelanta National Park | lördag, 20. juli 2019

An unforgettable 77km hike of self reconnection through one of Sweden’s biggest national parks and one of our most beautiful and rich places. Padjelanta.

Come together in the arctic wilderness and let yourself merge into the purity. Clear thoughts and emotions through the unforgiving
truth nature provides. Where meditation becomes a natural state of mind. Blend into the elements of sami culture and the yogic way of living.

As technology is moving in an exponential pace. And bringing us closer together. We’re at the same time moving further and further away from each other. Away from ourself. A link that is getting weaker and weaker.

Nature is a beautiful tool for disconnection to then reconnect to ourself again. To strengthen the link. Strengthen body, mind and soul.

Where stillness and silence speaks for itself. Were we finally are able to rest. To let ourself be.

Personal Coaching sessions will be offered 

for you to get from where you are to

where you want to be in life. To get clarity

for your path and purpose. A chance to get

rid of your unserving behaviors and your


The fundamentals of Hatha Yoga. Early mornings 

and afternoon sessions to soften and strengthen

the body and to raise the level of your

consciousness. Raise the level of your lower and

higher mind. The meaning of Hatha yoga is to bring

balance to the physical and the mental body.

Ha means the sun. Tha means the moon. Hatha

is the balance between the sun and the moon.

Balance between the masculine and feminine

energies in ourself.

Pranayama/Breathing workshops. Learning the 

fundamentals and the importants of the breath.

How you with something as simple as the breath

can change your whole physiology in an instant.

How you can use your breath to shift and stay

into whatever state you desire. Reach higher

state of consciousness.

Guided and silent meditations. Meditation is not something you do. 

Meditation is when all activities end and you just are.

All upp to that is called concentration. You will be able to observe
yourself react to thoughts and feelings without acting.
You will be able to rest in awareness itself to not only be
utouchable while sitting in silence. But in daily life.

Cacao Ceremony
Chopping Wood
Eye Gazing
PLAY AND FUN**and more**



Together as a team we help each other out with the daily chores of cooking, cleaning and shop firewood. Every day we start with a peaceful warrior warmup followed by a meditation. We are then hungry and ready enough for our nutritious breakfast before our trek. Our daily yoga and activities will sometimes be held inside the huts and sometimes outside in our beautiful wild surroundings.

Padjelanta means "the high land" and has been home to the Samis and their reindeers for thousands of years. This trail offer us walks through Sami settlements and historical places. If you enjoy mountain flowers Padjelanta is the place to go! Here you can find rarities in big blooming meadows.

Up here you get the real out in the wild kinda feeling, its very rare you meet to many people neither on the trails nor in the huts.


Day 1 - Arrival by helicopter to the huts in Staloluokta, located in the middle of Padjelanta with a view over what they call the most beautiful mountain lake in Sweden , Virihaure. Here we will enjoy a wood fired sauna and a nice welcoming meal that we cook together.


Day 2 - Distance about 18 km, + 300 m in altitude Our walk starts to the Tuottar cabins, its one of our longer walks and it ends with two really cold river crossings - but oh it is worth it! It's difficult to put words on exactly what it is that brings such a magical feeling to this place. Is it the fact that it's Swedens most unavailable spot? Or the high location at 900 meters above the ocean? Or is it that you are so distant from all your daily influences? Finally reconnecting back to your true enssence.


Day 3 - Distance 11 km, -200 m in altitude The walk down to Tarraluoppal is shorter and relatively easy. We will cross the highest point of this trail. Since we spend less time on the trail this day we can have wore time with yoga.


Day 4 - Today we gonna stay in the Tarraluoppal huts. Depending on the weather we might take a shorter day hike. We stay here not only to rest. But for a chance to really pause. Mentally and physically. Deeper and more personal activities.


Day 5 - Distance about 15 km, -150 m in altitudeOur walk takes us down to the Tarra valley with its breathtaking views and our surroundings are getting more vegetated when were walking down in a flowering mountain birch forest, this part can be like walking in a botanical garden. The cabin in Såmmarlappa is located by the little beach of Tarraätno and here we also have a little shop providing us with some basic mountain food.


Day 6 - Distance about 20 km, -100m in altitude.
Through lush forests of Mountain birch we'll continue and our trail will take us past Basseuksa - meaning "the holy door" - an old Sami place of sacrifice. Here we get to our last cabin in Njunjes. 

Day 7 - Distance about 13 km, -100m in altitude

Our last walk together goes down into a more typical Swedish coniferous forest to the river were we will be picked up by boat back to Kvikkjokk were we a shuttle is waiting for us to bring us to Årrenjarka. A mountain village where we will have a exclusive closing dinner and spend our last night in a cosy cabin with our own sauna.





As soon as you have signed up. We will provide you with all the information you need.



The ackommodation is in simple but very cosy mountain huts were we'll work as a team with the daily chores of getting water, cooking, cleaning and chop firewood.

The huts are provided with beds with a cover, blanket and pillow but you need to bring your own travel sheets or a light sleeping bag.

The huts we will visit have between 20-36 beds and extra mattresses to put on the floor in case the huts gets full. You can't book these huts in advance.

There is gas stoves in the huts where we can cook but we have to carry our food with us. In some of the huts there is a shop were we can find some basic mountain food. Inside Padjelanta National Park the huts are owned by the Sami people and depending on who is hosting the hut at the moment we might have the possibility to buy the traditional Gahko (bread made over open fire) and smoked fish.

There is no electricity in the huts and normally you don't have any reception on your phone (maybe in the last hut). All huts are provided with an emergency phone directly connected to the police.

We don't have the midnight sun when we get here but there is still daylight almost all night. But still a torch might be good to bring.

You don't have to be an experienced hiker to do this but good health and fitness is a must. It's not a dangerous or too difficult kind of trek but you do have to carry your backpack with clothes, personal items, sleeping bag, the food we provide and water. Normally your bag should weigh about 10-12kg.

The water from the clear rivers are perfectly drinkable during the whole trek but sometimes it can be long distance in between them and it's very important you drink plenty. Bring a big bottle!

A complete packing list will be provided to you when you place your booking.


Helicopter transport - Kvikkjokk to Staloluokta
All meals and mountain hut accommodation
Boat transport on our last day
Shuttle, accomodation and food for closing dinner
Qualified local mountain guide
Personal coaching session
Safety equipment and first aid provisions