12. oktober 2019 - 20:00 till 22:00
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Social Arts Festival | theLodge.space | lördag, 12. oktober 2019

3 Day Social Arts Festival: 12th,19th and 26th Oct 8pm@theLodge.space
This break out Social Arts Festival is a symphony of performing arts exhibitions that highlight social inequality and any violation of human rights.
It is a second edition of an annual multicultural evening of dance, any form of art and performance aimed at raising awareness of social issues.This 3 day event is a platform for professional and amateur artists who can craft their own art, in any form, and create a visual performance and share it with an audience. 
Come! Watch! Enjoy! Support our cause and show support with our protest against injustice and inequality.
video trailer from last year SAF 2018      

- event accessible to everyone to perform and watch
- unique and only kind event which covers performing, visual arts, human rights and social issues
- located in a nice and cosy yoga venue with cafe, studios and casual performing space next to the park close to Canada Water and Surrey Quays
- the programme consists of a variety of performances such as aerial, pole, hoop, dance, play, music, film, story telling, ... on the subject
- a team of volunteers is supporting the event to make it outstanding and interesting
- this is the second appearance of one of a kind annual event which we hope to continue every year and expand it as we grow
- fundraising for charity 
This is a non-profit event. The income from the tickets sales will support the cost of the event and the charity. Thank you for your contribution! 
We would like to give some recognition to the performers for their efforts and powerful performances with sponsored awards. We would appreciate any support in kind to give as awards (mind body courses, gyms/studios memberships, and similar things...) to the performers - get in touch if you would like to support us in this way: info@socialartsfestival.com
One of the collaborators, FlowMove, provides online aerial/yoga/pilates/dance courses, workshops and retreats to support the arts events with a cause such as Social Arts Festival. If you would like to contribute in a different way you can benefit from an offer at  FlowMove. Enjoy the support of art and experience of doing something meaningful and healthy for your body and mind and wellbeing.
We would appreciate if you could share this event with your friends and families!
Looking forward to see you at the event!

Social Arts Festival 
Founder - Joanna Puchala
FB/Twitther/Instagram @ socialartsfestival

Prize sponsor : Minded Institute Merridian Fitness
In Collaboration with: FlowMove - LCP Dance Theatre - theLodge.space