25. oktober 2019 - 20:00 till 22:00
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ThetaHealing® Meditation Evening - Awakening to Your True Authentic Power | Columbia Hotel | fredag, 25. oktober 2019

Join us for an evening of Meditation using the Theta Healing® technique and to awaken your true authenticity and let that shine to the world. Embrace your powerful essence to manifest a miraculous life.
Discover one of the most effective and life-changing forms of energy healing and personal development. Feel instant changes in your beliefs and feelings which create your reality. 

Meditation with Theta Healing®  Energy Clearing Session
Awakening to Your True Authentic Power
Together, we’ll channel healing energy from Divine Source to transform self-limiting beliefs in love, health, career money and spiritual growth.
If you have never meditated or think you can’t, then come along to find out how simple it can be. The benefits of meditation are profound and cumulative, bringing you more clarity, inner peace, focus and direction.
Our Certificate of Science and Master Theta Healing® Instructors, Anna Kitney, Vanya Silverten and Skylar Acamesis will guide you through a meditation to open up your chakras, connect you to Divine Source Energy and clear old, dense energy that is no longer serving you. Together we’ll release many common limiting beliefs such as; the inability to love yourself, denying your own self-nuture and rejecting abundance. We’ll guide you in a heart opening meditation to open yourself to divine love.
We’ll be teaching you the Theta Healing® Meditation which is the first step in the process to create a healing. You will have an opportunity to heal yourself on any challenge in your life. By learning to access the divine wisdom that is within you, you can receive answers to any questions.​

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Doors open at 7:00pm and will close at 8pm. No entry will be permitted after this time to avoid disturbing others during the meditation.
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