27. augusti 2019 - 18:30 till 19:30
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WithThePack Old Street - London's fitness community for people in startups | WeWork - Old Street | tisdag, 27. augusti 2019

Welcome to WithThePack! London's free fitness community for people in startups.
London's a big old place - it's hard to even network let alone make genuine connections with people. WithThePack is out to change that - giving you a session a week where you can meet others in the industry and get a great workout. 
What's in store? We meet at the WeWork reception (145 City Road) - we go on a warmup jog to Shoreditch park - we smash a HIIT workout - we jog back for a well-earned drink. This session is lead by Line and Joe so let them know if you need anything!
The workouts are designed for all levels - so you work at your 100% - whether you're a first timer or a competing athlete. 
This particular event page is for our weekly Tuesday evening session with the Old Street Pack - but we also have a Tuesday morning Shoreditch Pack which is a 'HIIT and Run' workout. Soon we'll have Packs in Bank, Camden, Bermondsey and Soho so stay tuned!

Join The Pack - see you soon!

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