27. januari 2018 - 15:00
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Eter Festival 2018 | Mejeriet | lördag, 27. januari 2018

For the second year, Little Finger and Kulturmejeriet presents 'Eter Festival' – a 12 hour showcase party and presentation of new, strange and beautiful sounds from south Sweden and Denmark.

▶ FREE entrance from 15.00 - 23.00
▶ Afterparty: 23.00 - 03.00 = 100 SEK.

The Hidden Sound
The south scandinavian area is the home and workspace of many talented music artists. One of the ideas of this festival is to create a composition of what is heard in the hidden spaces of our cities.
The Eter Festival’s music program highlights the underground artists of the local electronic and experimental music scene. Drone to Free Jazz, Electronic space music and modular synth extravaganza to hypnotic techno.

For The Producers And The Nerds
In addition to live music, Eter Festival presents a workshop and demo program with the makers and users of electronic music gear – sharing knowledge to promote new artists.
During the afternoon, the venue transforms into a bazaar of electronic instruments, fx pedals, records and much more.

▶ Lineup, collabs and more info TBA
  • Albin & Mika are two musicians from the electronic music scene in Malmö/Copenhagen. Their common interest in instrumental electronic music and analog gear lead into a collaboration full of groovy bass lines, harmonic structures and transforming beats. In 2016 they released the EP "Pseudo Solo Sessions #1”on Zeon Light. https://zeonlight.bandcamp.com/album/pseudo-solo-session-1
  • Together with Teenage Engineering, we present the 'Open Stage' at Eter Festival! Five artists will be selected to perform at the festival's new area - 'The Studio'. The artists selected will also get a brand new PO-32, the wild and crazy little drum machine from Teenage Engineering! Send us your music and a little text about it by using this form: https://goo.gl/forms/tCORLYwGBEQxt9Oo1 (No later than January 7th)
  • Elin Piel devotes herself to polyrhythmic synth trips on the modular synthesizer, often an instrument of choice in the DIY culture of contemporary electronic music. Dwell in the ambient worlds below and rise with dark pulsating storm clouds. https://soundcloud.com/elin-piel
  • Do you also wake up at night wondering "What is an Octatrack?" This is the story of the little machine from Göteborg and how it can improve your life - or at least your music making. With Magnus Borgkvist Johansson
  • Piano meets electronics and give birth to celestial harmonic journeys - Ljudvägg live! https://soundcloud.com/ljudvagg
  • What is the best way to start off a festival like Eter? Gear **** and demos of course! Stay tuned for more information!
  • Time to share what's cooking in the Eter pot! First off is Joana's Hair: Three people. And a lot more keyboards. Joana's Hair is not a hair salon but a new band that makes "haunted polyphonic spa music". https://www.facebook.com/Joanas-hair-282556782260552/ https://soundcloud.com/littlefingermagazine/joanas-hair-sample
  • The festival area gets bigger this year as we announce a new stage - The Studio! Here you'll find some of most hidden gems and workshops. So stay tuned!
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