31. januari 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Copenhagen Carnival training with Estilo Faixa 2018 | Brasilianska föreningen Estilo Faixa | onsdag, 31. januari 2018

Carnaval Chegou!

Let's get ready to do another wonderful Brazilian dance show at the carnival of Denmark. You can not stay out of this event :)

Every year we make a great show of Brazilian dancers. We trained hard and had a lot of fun too. In this class besides having fun you learn a lot about the Brazilian dance.
Our show is complete. We represent Brazil all over.
We show samba, afro, funk, capoeira, pagodao, axé, lambada, frevo and more.

Here we will prepare for the parade and the stage show with small and fun choreographies.
To participate in the scorecard, you must make at least two choreographies and a maximum of 4.
You can choose whether to either participate in the parade, scenshow or participate in both.

You can participate as a percussion player or as a dancer.
In the percussion class we will rehearse the rhythm samba reggae, afoxé, samba batucada and samba de roda.

Carnival Training in Malmö from the January 31th:
Wednesday in Ystadvägen 46
kl 19-20:30 Dance training
kl 18:00- 19:00 Brazilian Percussion Energia Da Bahia
Carnival Training in Copenhagen from February 4th:
Brazilian Percussion Training
Kl 13-14:30 Energia da Bahia In Følfodvej 28,2300 København S,
kl 13:30-15:00 Dance Training In Prismen
Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 København S,


✦ DanceTraining 1400 kr SE / 1000 DK
✦Brazilian Percussion Energia Da Bahia 500 kr SE/ DK

Betala till:
Bankgiro: 5557-2317
Skriv namn och val av kurs under OCR.

kontonr: 2102 8974 936 640
You can register through the payment by January 24th
Estilo Faixa t-shirts carnival 2018 are available for 120SEK/DK.
Estilo Faixa Jacket 500 SE/DK
Dance and Percussion HYTTERTUR Maj 4th,5th,6th
500 Kr
Obs: February 11th and 15th training is cancell.
The season is from the 31 jan- 13 maj

Let's have fun!
More information:
tel: +45 60 56 69 33
Mestra Renata