21. mars 2018 - 18:15 till 19:45
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Theme class: Energy and communication in Lindy Hop | Moriska Paviljongen | onsdag, 21. mars 2018

A theme class based on Malin and Mikaels favorite subjec -. something always important for a good dance experience.

### Energy and communication in Lindy Hop
"We like to think that communication between partners is not only about arm- and bodily cues or visual cues but also through energy. We'll explore how different energies and differences in energy affect our partner and dance. We'll work with various simple exercises and look at how we can communicate different types of steps, etc." Mikael & Malin

### Mandatory registration ###

- Duration: 2 Wednesdays
- Level: E, F
- Cost for HepCat members: SEK 250
- HepCat membership; SEK 50 (per semester).