05. oktober 2019 - 8:30 till 9:00
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Ski Boat Class OCTOBER-DECEMBER | MCBH Kaneohe Bay | lördag, 05. oktober 2019

Select a date above from the drop down menu. If you have problems registering, please contact Marine Corps Base Hawaii Marina at 254-7666.
Registration  at the marina front counter.
Military I.D. Required
Tuesdays: Class begins -1530 (3:30pm)   (arrive at 1500(3:00pm) for check in and registration)
Thursdays: Class begins 1530(3:30pm)   (arrive at 1500(3:00pm) for check in and registration)
Saturdays: Class begins 0930(9:30am)   ( arrive at 0900(9:00am) for check in and registration)
Sunday: Class begins 0930(9:30am)   (arrive at 0900(9:00am) for check in and registration)
Cost of License is $25 due upon time of registration at the marina 
 No passengers are allowed on check ride, only the patron who has done the online portion is allowed on check ride.
 Please schedule classes individually if you have more than one person attending.
 Pontoon and Boston Whaler Boats