19. maj 2019 - 11:00 till 13:30
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Speaking in Tongues Film Screening & Workshop | Wah Mei School | söndag, 19. maj 2019

As part of our WHAT'S IN A WORD bilingual education dialogue, we will screen Speaking in Tongues, followed by a conversation led by students of City College. We will explore and discuss language accessibility and identity formation in a bilingual, bicultural world. This workshop is hosted by City College of San Francisco, Asian American Studies.

Speaking in Tongues (60min., dir. Patchwork Films) is a 2009 documentary film about bilingual education. In a country where most states declare English as the official language, Speaking in Tongues explores how bilingualism can be a national resource. Following four students involved in an educational experiment designed to make them bilingual and biliterate, the film questions rote debates about immigration, globalization, and what it means to be American in the 21st century.
Jia Lei Qiu is a City College of San Fransicsco student. She states, "My commute has remained the same since middle school, just with a farther distance after each graduation, so I'm really looking forward to transferring soon. I hope to get a bachelor's degree in human development and perhaps pursue a career in occupational therapy. I speak English, Hakka, Mandarin and a bit of Cantonese. I'm enthusiastic about multilingualism because it opens up opportunities not just for being a more competitive employee, but also broadening my understanding of the world."