23. oktober 2019 - 17:30 till 19:10
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Body and Brain Yoga & Brain Wave Meditation | Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi | onsdag, 23. oktober 2019

Develop your strength, flexibility, breathing, and energy with our Body & Brain yoga classes. You may notice that our yoga classes offer a variety of exercises and poses, helping to keep your practice fun and dynamic while consistently covering the basics. This class not only trains your body but helps center your awareness inside yourself. Through our signature breathing postures, you can accumulate energy and strengthen your core, leaving you feeling recharged, relaxed, and refreshed. 
Brain Wave Meditation is a powerful, guided meditation technique to help you develop a sense of energy in your body and peace in your mind. Whether beginning or experienced with meditation, many people notice that their ability to meditate deepens through meditation. We offer clear and powerful meditation techniques that help you develop the ability to relax and focus on energy sensations, bringing your mind into a state of peace and centeredness.
You don't need to bring a yoga mat but wear comfortable clothes and socks.
For inquiry, call Terri, 480-391-8916, or write to us, scottsdale@bodynbrain.com