23. juli 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Whittle & Spark Summer Adventure Days | Dockett Eddy Lane | tisdag, 23. juli 2019

Looking for something adventurous for the children to do during the holidays? Our willow woodland will be full of wonder, excitment and fun!  Whatever the weather we'll be out exploring and making a camp in the woods. We come with a programme and materials for the day, from there we include the children's ideas and weave a magic mix of child lead and ***** supported play, projects, games, exploration and camp creation. We care for each child, work to make the group feel like a happy family. We aim to inspire, challenge, stretch, play and nurture while getting close to nature, meeting min-beasts and discovering amazing facts about the world around us.
Each day is different, many children come for several days, here are some of the things we do:

Den building
Lighting fires with and without matches
Telling stories, maybe we'll tell a tall tale in the den you make!
Campfire cooking
Outdoor crafting. We have lots of colourful wools and string to make anything from dream-catchers to bows and arrows.
Wild wide games; capture the flag; Making trails, hiding and tracking
learn to use tools to make things such as pendants, jewellery, puppets.
Minibeast safaris - we have a high level of expertise with a resident ecologist
Playing and exploring
Rope walks, swings and climbing

We have a campfire (usually with popcorn, campfire recipes for scones, fritters or breads, or marshmallows to cook - yum!) and your child will have a chance to make something to take home - as well as new friends, muddy clothes and a big smile!
What ages do you take?
From age five to twelve. 5-12yrs. While that may seem like a wide spread we are used to having all ages on our events - so long as the children are enthusiastic we find it works! We hold specific days for older children as well.
How many places are available?
We generally take six children per instructor (max eight to one).  That's why we have a waiting list - if there are enough children looking for a place we'll try to get another leader. Maximum group size is 20 to 30 depending on the site.
Is the whole day spent outside?
Yep. A whole day out in our beautiful woodlands! So bring your waterproofs and warm layers!
What if it rains?
We play in the rain! The day will go ahead whatever the sky throws at us, so it's important to dress for the weather. You'll definitely need waterproof trousers, a waterproof coat, good footwear and (hopefully) a sun hat and sun cream too!
No, but really - what if it rains?
Really! We like to throw up some tarpaulins to shelter under for lunch, but we'll still be out having fun! We will only call off an event if the wind is over 42miles per hour.
What do they need to bring?
We'll be outside for the whole day, so they'll need:

Warm layers
waterproof trousers, essential kit
waterproof coat, essential kit
outdoor footwear (walking boots or wellies with warm socks)
Packed lunch
Plenty of drink for the day
Mid morning and afternoons snacks
optional: insect repellent, sunblock, sunhat.

My child has special needs, can they come?
Please ring us before booking to discuss your childs needs (01784 452 505) or use the message button below. We try our best to involve everybody, the nature of the site and the activities may not suit everyone. Children with low levels of autism and dispraxia tend to love the camps. For everyone's safety, we can't accept children with a history of violent behaviour or running away.
Erm...the marshmallows...are they vegetarian? Beef free? Pork free?
Oh yes! We have a selection for everyone's dietary needs (though the veggie marshmallows are a different shape!). Let us know any dietary needs when you book and we'll have something that everyone can cook and eat.