27. juni 2017 - 10:00
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Sunday Showcase: Microbites of Innovation | ArtScience Museum | tisdag, 27. juni 2017

Microbites of Innovation []
Art Program of Creativity and Cognition 2017 organized as part of ArtScience Museum's "Sunday Showcase" series.

Art Exhibition: Tuesday - Sunday, 27 June to 2 July [10AM - 7PM]
Opening Ritual & Performances: Thursday 29 June [7PM]
Venue: ArtScience Museum [Level 4 + FabCafe + Oculus]
Free [Register in the Lobby]


Welcome to Microbites of Innovation, an international selection of works operating at the intersection of Performance, Art and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Come and interconnect to the mesh of (bio)signals, microbes, and machines. Exchange brainwaves with Lucifer, play with tangible Wayang Kulit interface, immerse in psychoacoustic rhythms of shamanic drums. Taste a laksa dataset, eat your Facebook profile, learn how to become a Gut Gardener. Watch endless scribbling of the autonomous typewriter.

"Keep on going, on to infinity, folding and folding...”

Microbites of Innovation contributes to the debate on the role of human and non-human cognition in contemporary computer culture. Specifically, it addresses how our individual and social histories, cultures and experiences are shaped. Responding to the emergent conditions of a networked world, the curatorial premise posits that aesthetic practices should critically address current technopolitics and also create a space for ivresse whilst envisioning alternative perspectives.

Artists: Miguel Escobar Varela [MX/SG] Daniel Sim Yong En [SG] Bill Hart [AUS] Robertina Šebjanič [SI] Wallace Lages [USA] Pablo Gobira [BR/USA] Francisco Marinho [BR/USA] Thomas Levine [USA] Rodney Berry [AUS] Adam Nash [AUS] John McCormick [AUS] Ruben van de Ven [NL] Isabelle Desjeux [FR/SG] Audrey Samson [CA/UK] Francisco Gallardo [SP/UK] FRAUD [UK] Jennifer Jamieson [AUS] Richie Cyngler [AUS] Hans Tan [SG] Darina Alster [CZ] Tiffany Sanchez [USA] Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo [USA] Gottfried Haider [AT] Nazare Soares [SP/NO] Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo [NO] Amalia Fonfara [NO] Center for Genomic Gastronomy [USA] Diana Lindbjerg [DK/NO] Anatol Bologan [USA] Kitty Quitmeyer [USA] Andrew Quitmeyer [USA] Yannis Kalantidis [USA] Cheng Xu [USA]

Curated by Marcia Nancy Mauro-Flude & Markéta Dolejšová

  • Wayang Kulit, one of the oldest form of theatre from Indonesia, has been recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003. Inspired by the ancient form of storytelling, this interactive art work of the same name was developed by Miguel Escobar Varela and Daniel Sim as an experiment on how tangible and culturally specific interfaces can be validated as research in academic institutions. There’s lots to see and do at Microbites of Innovation so don’t miss the last 3 days before it closes on 2 July!
  • We’re so psyched for the slew of performances taking place this evening with Microbites of Innovations. Whetting our appetite is Thomas Levine as he prepares a data feast for the senses. If you’re around the area, join us for an evening of technology and innovation! Also performing tonight are Audrey Samson, Francisco Gallardo, Richie Cyngler and Leyna Marika Papach.
  • We’re loving "(2,2) 0", an interactive sound installation created by Nazare Soares, Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo and Amalia Fonfara. Employing real-time rendered binaural sound systems, the installation functions as a cognitive map where you are exposed to types of temporal illusions through ambisonic binaural techniques. As you enter the space, don’t be surprised to feel a slight disorientation as your body tunes to the absence of light and sound frequencies.
  • One of the many intriguing projects that will be on display is ‘Child in the Wild’, by Adam Nash and John McCormick from Australia. The artwork enables human participants and a child robot to co-create an immersive artwork using artificial neural networks to enable object image recognition. Using your own mobile phone, interact with the robot by showing it images while it tries to guess and verbalise what the object is. The robot’s perception of the material world is then projected on the screens and sounds played over the sound system. Over time, the image and sound disintegrates into its component pixels and sonic grains, which, via an artificial intelligence network, agitate into co-evolving colour and sound fields.
  • Join us for an extraordinary performance this Thursday night with Leyna Marika Papach as she recombines the musical fragments of electronics, violin, viola and images to create a flexible, film-like score. ‘In Running’ was inspired by the idea that the body is both an activator of time and a memory box filled with bits of cultural fragments and experiences of the people we encounter. These experiences are imprinted into our cells as we continue our dance with time. Leyna has performed internationally and collaborated extensively with artist such as J.G Thirwell and Geraldine Fibbers. Her latest opera, SONG premiered in 2016 at the HERE, NYC.
  • An Autonomous Writing Machine by Bill Hart is an autonomous machine made up of 3D printed parts, scavenged hardware from old printers, and “open hardware” parts used in the construction of 3D printers. In Bill’s hands, it has turned into a fragmented copy of an organic being, communicating its thoughts by writing whatever that passes through its ‘mind’. Expect a constant stream of handwritten text from comprising of infinite scribbling, fragments of thoughts and meditations on its existence.
  • Join us for a special night on 29 June, Thursday from 7.15PM -9.30PM as Microbites of Innovation plays host to an exciting line up of performances from international artists. Partake in a tasting event serving up an edible imagination of a Facebook Profile by Audrey Samson and Francisco Gallardo or have your fill with Thomas Levine as he serves up scrumptious dataplots. If you’re less of a foodie, volunteer for Richie Cyngler’s Music for various groups (after Lucier) by providing your brain scans. Rounding off the night with a rousing multi-instrumental performance is Leyna Marika Papach who will present a collage-like score of memories, time and place. Programme: 7:15PM - 7.30PM FabCafe Let them eat cake! Artist: Audrey Samson (CA/UK), Francisco Gallardo (SP/UK) A tasting event serving an edible imaginary of a Facebook profile (15 Minutes) http://cc.acm.org/2017/microbites/?Let_them_eat_cake!/ 7.30PM - 7.45PM Data Meal Artist: Thomas Levine (USA) A tasting event serving an edible dataplot http://cc.acm.org/2017/microbites/?Beyond_Visualization 8.30PM - 9.00PM Expression Gallery, Level 4 Music for various groups (after Lucifer) Artist: Richie Cyngler Biofeedback EEG interactive live art http://cc.acm.org/2017/microbites/?Music_for_various_groups_(after_Lucifer) 9.10PM – 9.30PM In Running Artist: Leyna Marika Papach Sound performance (20min) http://cc.acm.org/2017/microbites/?In_Running/
  • In 2012, Facebook conducted a massive emotional contagion by manipulating the emotional expressions in the newsfeeds of 689,003 users. This opened a can of worms on issues relating to governability of the web and the biopolitics of everyday life that flows through the many layers of shared images, liked videos, protocols and hyperlinks that are orchestrated by the Facebook News Feed algorithm. Let them eat cake! promises a data-gustatory experience as Audrey Samson and Francisco serves up cake imagined with synthetic DNA encoded from a user’s Facebook profile data. Now who wouldn’t like a slice of that!
  • Microbites are looking into our dystopian past and the future in which we're running across the world with hope in our pockets. #microbites2017 'Posthuman Research ' - Darina Alster (CZ) Medium: 2x Single Channel Video Performances 'Prey' - Tiffany Sanchez (USA), Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo (USA) Medium: Interactive Books
  • Fun fact: Microbites are open to the public from Tuesday 27 June to Sunday 2 July! The "Sunday Showcase" is a title of ArtScience Museum's regular series that we're happily part of (so stop telling us that you can't come cause you're off to Bali for the weekend)
  • Detail of artworks available at Microbites website [glued together by ballet coder / code dancer Nancy]:
  • The showcase website is forming up - stay tuned! Meanwhile get sneak peak of the Microbites vibes at https://vimeo.com/220667389]