08. september 2018 - 11:00 till 16:30
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Boxer Rebellion JKD & Kali Abtik Malmo, Sweden Seminar | Staffanstorps Kampsportsförening | lördag, 08. september 2018

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Cost:) 1000 Swedish krons (5 hour seminar)

NOTE:) The Escrima/Kali segment will require that everyone has rattan sticks, safe training blades and soft sticks (padded bastons) , feel free to make your own! Just google it or youtube:) Also please bring all equipment and sparring gear (mma/small boxing gloves, cup, mouth guard, shin pads) for the entire seminar. No not full contact just comprehensive training:)

BRI/Jeet Kune Do: BRI/JKD is based on the “Latter Stage” JKD platform and includes "modified" facets of Jun Fan Gung Fu (early JKD) Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu… “Latter Stage” Jeet Kune Do “ is about dynamic and explosive footwork that can be applied to enhance your stand up game regardless of your background. JKD at it’s highest level is about delivery and avoidance with emphasis on "delivery” with full body weight, mass accelerated movement and recovery. While most people know JKD as a blend of many styles, for us it is Bruce’s application of geometry, physics and kinesiology in the realm of effective Stand Up Fighting. It is the ultimate adaptable vehicle.

BRI/Kali Abtik: BRI/Kali Abtik is a Modern Filipino method with a strong Traditional Root that includes influences from JKD & Boxing. Kali Abtik is an art that includes both drilling and freestyle sparring with padded weapons and safety gear. Kali Abtik also includes CQD/Mano-Mano techniques designed for defense against weapons and close quarter defense as well as Panuntukan/Sikaran. Kali Abtik is directly inspired from Guro Ted Lucaylucay's Kali, with emphasis on "Abtik". Abtik is defined as the explosive use of stepping, pivoting and sinking or raising to power and time the stroke. Ultimately the strategy is to win and to avoid "double ****" through control of distance, timing and position.

Instructor: Mark Stewart -

"As Head of BRI, Mark Stewart is based in Thailand and is well known for returning JKD back to L.A. Chinatown since 1992, Mark Stewart is one of the rare JKD Instructors who has been exposed to Early JKD, Later JKD and JKD Concepts and offers a view outside of any particular camp. He has trained with Dan Inosanto, Ted Lucaylucay and Ted Wong...

“Mark Stewart’s Panantukan is outstanding. If you are looking for authentic, high level Panantukan, I highly recommend you train with Mark Stewart!”

– Guro Burton Richardson

“As a lifelong martial arts student & researcher, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn of, meet, and train with some of the world’s finest martial artists. However, some of the most outstanding fighters are not always the best when it comes to pedagogical skill. As a student of the martial arts, your growth is completely dependent on how well someone can make a particular skill set comprehensible, digestible, and reproducible for you. Mark Stewart is one of those rare instructors who not only has distinguished himself as a topflight fighter, but also someone who is devoted to making his skills YOUR skills. He has the tremendous ability to make training sessions, fun, challenging, realistic, and rewarding. The time you spend training under his guidance will pay you solid dividends!”

– Dr. Mark Cheng