21. november 2019 - 8:30 till 16:30
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Apply Circular Principles to Your Business Model // One-Day Workshop | Hilton Stockholm Slussen | torsdag, 21. november 2019

Do you want to retain more customers without having to invest large sums, change your products or increase your staff?
From linear threats to circular opportunities - Circularity is the new innovation.
It’s a new era of industrial renewal. In today’s world, digital & technology innovations provide organizations the opportunity to create new jobs and protect the environment by simply reducing their operational inefficiencies.
The circular economy offers opportunities for positive action and positive images for the future. Innovative businesses, cities, universities, & entrepreneurs are seeing a move to circular solutions as a huge opportunity for disruption & differentiation. It is described as the ‘trillion-dollar opportunity’. That will drive innovation in tomorrow’s companies and reshape every part of our lives. While leaving behind the traditional linear model (take-make-dispose), a new mindset is taking over economies worldwide.
As competition for the world’s natural resources increases and customers’ awareness of our planet’s limits grows, resource-saving business operations become a competitive advantage, if not a simple necessity. It is important that those considering starting a business also understand the opportunities offered by the circular economy.
The process of transitioning to the circular economy typically includes a number of challenges and milestones. Whether you are just starting to envision your journey to circularity, looking to apply design thinking to your processes or supply chain or are ready to roll out a circular pilot project.
One-Day Workshop: maximum 20 participants for individual support and problem solving opportunities. 


Apply circular principles to your business model for higher profits;
Implement innovative processes that reduce operational waste;
Gin new customers and higher retention through circular relationships;
Make pragmatic approaches of linking existing assets to new digital technologies;
Build circular processes and leverage technologies that empower your people;
Construct effective investment rules and coordination mechanisms that improve efficiency while building customer value;
Ensure employees are engaged in a shared circular vision;
Initiate strategic plans to excel your business in the circular economy;
Bring about many more untapped opportunities!

✅ Cost saving
✅ Revenue growth
✅ Brand equity
✅ Regulatory compliance

Attending the workshop will ensure you get a deep understanding of circular economy and practical applications for your business. At completion you will be also awarded with a certificate of proficiency.

Our workshop is open to Entrepreneurs, CEOs & Founders, CMOs & Growth Hackers, CPOs, Business Developers, Startups & SMEs and anyone who wants to apply circular principles into their company’s business model.

Stephen J. Wright has been transforming companies into successful business models for over twenty years. Having served as C-level executive at multinational companies, Mr. Wright now advises global corporations, governments, and universities on circular economy and digital innovation strategies for sustainable growth.

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