05. april 2020 - 18:00
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Detroit 10 years exhibition and Party | Detroit Stockholm | söndag, 05. april 2020


Hej all detroiters, past and current,

on the weekend of the 8th of December are we organising a party joined by an exhibition running over the weekend, or the opposite if you want.

The idea for the current members is to produce an artwork on the theme of time, within a A4 format, and to invite the old members to celebrate that Detroit Stockholm is turning 10 years at this address.

Artist exhibiting :

Sofia Franzen, Åsa Ekman, Henrik Green, Elin Krönström, Jenny Soep, Adam Wallenberg, Kristoffer Ekman, Shamira Adam, Martin Lundberg, laura Tynan, Maja Svensdotter, Atorina Adam, Märta Rovin, Joanne Grune-Yanoff, Alannah Robins, Daniel Ankarstrand
Fritz Østeb, Charlotta, Hayes

Performance by Henrik Green

Live music by Garland


friends and family are welcome.

Now its your turn!

(still more info to come, patience)