26. september 2019 - 8:00 till 9:00
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Rising Minds | Jess Miller | Designing Out Straight Lines | Golden Age Cinema & Bar | torsdag, 26. september 2019

It's time to get un-linear.
Life. There is very little about it that is straightforward. Why then are so many of our decision-making processes, plans, and organisational structures all so reliant on 'straight lines'?
Wouldn't it make more sense if they way we interacted with each other reflected the intricate interdependencies, and elegance the design we find in nature?
This talk is less about presenting all of the solutions, but instead looking at what makes straight line thinking vulnerable, and highlights some of the elegant design that we find within nature, that might help us be better prepared to deal with the unexpected, the chaotic and be better able to go with the flow.
Get ready for an inspiring morning at the beautiful Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills.
About the speaker:
Councillor Jess Miller was first elected to Council in 2016, and is one of the youngest people to hold elected office at the City of Sydney. Jess served as Deputy Lord Mayor from 2017-2018. Jess is currently Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee, the Cycling Advisory Committee, and a member of the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils.Jess is a Program Advisor to sustainability and innovation company, Republic of Everyone. Jess is known for her creative and inclusive approaches to sustainability, strategy and innovation. Jess co-founded GreenUps Sustainability Drinks, Grow it Local and the Elizabeth Street Gallery, and she has worked on the Garage Sale Trail, Tweed Ride, and Grow Show.For the last four years, Jess has curated the food program for TEDxSydney where she introduced 'Crowd-farming', 'Rebel Food' and 'Love Food'. Jess is passionate about the power of food to bring people together and celebrating local producers, and Sydney's food and drink.
Date and time:
Thursday 26th September. The talk starts at 8am sharp. We encourage you to arrive around 7:30am to enjoy free delicious coffee in the beautiful new rooftop terrace Paramount Recreation Club where you can get to know other curious thinkers and start the morning inspired. 
Free but limited, so get in fast. Available 7am Wednesday 18th September on our Eventbrite page. 
Want to ask a question?
If you've got a question, a problem, or a project you want some great minds to think about - send a question on slack, twitter or email us and we'll ask the group at the end of the talk.
About Rising Minds:
Rising Minds explores the intersection of technology, business and culture through a free monthly speaker series hosted at intimate venues in Sydney, London and New York. But more than that, Rising Minds is about true connection - and connecting in a time when this seems more important and more challenging than ever. For 60 minutes of unplugged sharing, we invite you to expand your thinking - in the company of curious minds and fuelled by great coffee. Rising Minds is a space where speakers share a little more of themselves, where guests ask exciting and vulnerable questions where connections are made beyond the room — but there too. Whether you’re a regular or a newbie, extroverted or introverted, a CEO or a student - We invite you to pop in, enjoy a great coffee and connect with other curious thinkers. We're excited to rise with you.
Welcome to Rising Minds.
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Venue sponsor: Golden Age Cinema & Bar, who provide our fabulous venue.