23. oktober 2019 - 18:30 till 20:00
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IQ2 Debate: Masculinity | Sydney Town Hall | onsdag, 23. oktober 2019

“Even if the alt-right doesn’t survive in its current form, a generation of young white men now harbor the dangerous belief that they have no future – a belief that will be that much more dangerous if it proves to be true.” - Angela Nagle Grow some *****. Toughen up. Be a man. It seems guys are prodded from boyhood to meet certain gendered standards of brash confidence and stoicism. Yet they are also encouraged to protect, respect, provide, and be good guys.  We hear ‘masculinity is in crisis’. Perhaps that well known phrase is recognition the messages around masculinity can be contradictory and confusing. Maybe it’s acknowledgement of male suffering.  But which boys and men are suffering and why? Could it be society is permitting misandry? Are the jokes about privileged men fair or overlooking very real challenges?
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