20. november 2019 - 9:15
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(SYDNEY) Business Continuity 3-day course (incl ISO22301 Foundation and Advanced/Lead exams) | CBD | onsdag, 20. november 2019

If it hits the fan... what's your plan?
3-day practical BCM/DR course including optional ISO22301 Foundation OR Lead Implementer OR Lead Auditor certification exam
What delegates say…
“Best training course I have attended. Rinske was knowledgeable, patient, and provided thought-provoking exercises and examples. Many Thanks.” – Australian Research Council
Being in business means taking risk
For many reasons, your organisation needs a Business Continuity Plan and proper Risk Management framework/practices, for example for regulatory requirements (e.g. direct/indirect APRA, Government, Bank Negara compliance), to meet customer expectations, for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to meet industry standards (e.g. ISO) and/or to achieve a better/cheaper insurance arrangement.
Whether or not you have experience in Business Continuity and Risk Management, we offer courses for all levels and none of these have a formal prerequisite. Some experience is useful in relation to the Lead Implementer training, but other than that you have the option to choose the program(s) that are of most interest to you.
Our best practice course is all you need to take the headache out of Business Continuity Management…

Super practical
Developed in accordance with global industry guidelines and Government standards
Earn CEAP points (in accordance with your institute's policies and procedures)

Get trained by the best…

Trained 1000+ individuals across Australasia, Europe and Africa
Assisted 100+ companies with their Business Continuity challenges
Presented at conferences globally, totaling 10,000+ delegates

Benefit from…

Sitting the optional ISO22301 Foundation PECB certification exam including lifetime (free!) recertification if you pass and/or
Sitting the optional ISO22301 PECB Lead Implementer or Lead Auditor exam including 1st year certification if you pass
Expert guidance whilst documenting your actual plans during the workshop
FREE soft copies of practical BCP/DR templates used during the course

Get ready for the real BCP challenges at work…

Play the “BCP team formation” management boardgame
Role-play the challenge of getting buy-in across the organisation
Learn from delegates across different disciplines and industries

The 3-day course assists anyone who has some involvement in BCM/DR - whether from BCM, Risk, IT, HR, Compliance, Operations or other business areas - to increase their knowledge. You will also get guidance to prepare for the ISO22301 PECB certification exams. 
Have a chat to us regarding the best exam(s) for your level of experience and your professional goals. There are no formal prerequisites for the exams, but there are professional/experience requirements to get fully certified after passing the exam(s).
Note also that the classroom components are complemented by 60-90 mins self study after each day 1 and day 2 for those taking exams on day 3. 
Benefits of a proper Business Continuity Management framework 

Meeting regulatory requirements
Achieving insurance premium discounts
Gaining competitive advantage when responding to Requests for Tender
Reducing risks, and improving the capability of your organisation to continue critical activities “no matter what”
Providing shareholders, customers, employees, 3rd parties and general public with confidence in your business
Ensuring common terminology/language about BCM/DR/Risk across your organisation
Enhancing motivation of your teams to perform well in regards to BC/DR testing and Risk Management documentation
Increase control over BC/DR/Risk Management processes and improve ability to measure progress.

What clients say
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained a lot of useful information, which I have been able to put to good use. I would recommend the course to other Bank colleagues who need to have a good understanding on Business Continuity Management.” - P. Scholefield - Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to applying the framework and methodology. My expectations were met 100% - N. Niemand - Datacom
“Thanks Rinske, I thought the course was brilliant and I also leant a lot from the discussions with the other participants… This is a very useful secondary benefit of the course.” - R. Evans - Snowy Hydro Ltd
“Thank you for making the course a really fantastic learning experience.” - P. Mattiuzzo - IBM Consultant
“Thanks for the great course. Your format, delivery and content are excellent. You have obviously invested many hours into development, and your real world examples from your (very) extensive experience add heaps. I learnt a lot. Some of which I’ve already utilised. Thanks again!” - P. Howley - World Vision Australia

About your trainer: Ms Rinske Geerlings, Founder and Principal Consultant at Business As Usual

Ms Rinske Geerlings is an internationally known, award winning consultant, speaker and certified trainer in Business Continuity, IT Management, Disaster Recovery and Risk Management with over 15 years global experience.Her firm, Business As Usual, has successfully competed against the Big Four to work with prestigious clients including 8 Central Banks, BBC WorldWide, Toll, Shell, Lonely Planet, Boeing, Fuji Xerox, Fujitsu, St George Bank, NIB, Toga, ASIC, Departments of Defence/Immigration/Health/Industry/Education and 100s of other mid-size and large organisations worldwide.Rinske has trained 1,000s of professionals (incl. in ISO22301, ISO27001 and ISO31000) and presented in front of over 10,000 conference delegates across industries and geographic locations. She built extensive hands-on experience during permanent roles in banking, and played an active role in the development of the current Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) regulatory standard for BCP (which affects banks and insurance companies).
Rinske’s engaging presentations include topics such as"How to get buy-in for BCM at all levels of the organisation", "How to develop Business Continuity Plans that don't collect dust on the shelf" and "How to run eye-opening BCP tests and exercises that keep everyone engaged".


For any in-house options and international dates of this program anywhere in the world, submit an enquiry… we’re here to help!
Workshops in other cities in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and Asia are held at request.
Further information via email info@businessasusual.net.au. See our recommendations and testimonials on Linkedin.