21. augusti 2020 - 18:30 till 20:30
Kajplats Balans, Varberg
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Breathwork for the Heart with Michelle Baker | fredag, 21. augusti 2020


The heart is said to be the Empress of the body and the portal to our innate truth. She is our forever internal physician whom often takes on more than she can bear and needs more support and than she dares to request. In this gathering we’ll reconnect to the organ of the heart, your heart, to clean, clear, and release stored and stagnant energy.


an active meditation technique that allows you to connect with your breath and clear your mind and body of stuck energy. It allows you to feel where your blocks reside and actively move through them, creating a pathway for an emotional detox.

On one hand it activates you, on the other it allows you to relax and release tension while liberating limiting beliefs. It can connect you to your innate wisdom while helping you to open your heart to honest self-love, self-healing, and self-acceptance.


Begins to clear out stuck energy

Strengthens intuition

Calms and grounds the nervous system

Inspires creativity

Invites balance to the energetic body and immune system

Promotes deep relaxation, bliss, and natural sleep patterns

Helps in relieving anxiety, grief and stress

Invites healing for trauma

Supports addiction recovery


DATE : Friday, August 21

TIME : 18:30 - 20:30

EXCHANGE : 350 sek

LOCATION : Kajplats Balans, Varberg

REGISTER : https://kajplatsbalans.se/boka-klass/index.html

CANCELLATION POLICY : Your booking is binding and your place in the class is secured when full booking is made. Refund can only be made in case of injury or illness and presentation of a medical certificate is mandatory.

NOTE : Please refrain from any mind-altering substances within at least 24 hours of your appointment or workshop. Clients will be turned away from a session or workshop if under the influence of a substance, and no refund will be given.