23. november 2019 - 10:30 till 14:30
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Classic Headboard Workshop | Reikorangi Comunity Hall | lördag, 23. november 2019

Learn how to pad and wrap a simple rectangular headboard!
At the Mad4Mod Headboard Workshop, you have a super fun excuse to learn some basic upholstery skills AND save money! You'll be making something for your home that 100% reflects your own unique style...for a super affordable price! 
You will learn:

how to safely use a professional staple gun

how to attach foam to your headboard

why an electric bread knife should be in your upholstery tool box

what 'batting' is and why you need it

how to cut a corner to remove bulk

what 'railroading' is and why it's important - especially for a headboard!

how to make a fabric covered button and attach it to your project (optional)

all necessary tools to complete your project

your board, upholstery foam, batting and finishing cloth

a pair of headboard legs


caffeine will be provided - caffeine is 100% necessary for ALL upholstery projects (or is that just me?)


Because of the wildly varying cost of upholstery fabric, not to mention wildly varying tastes, FABRIC FOR THIS WORKSHOP IS NOT SUPPLIED. Click here for all the the fabric information you need!


Here are the fabric requirements for the Classic Headboard workshop:
Single 1m / King Single 1.5m / Double 2m / Queen 2m / King 2.2m (of standard 140/150cm width fabric)

Adding buttons to your headboard is totally optional. You can still have a go at making some, though :)

If you any questions about the workshop please feel free to get in touch:
Email: nancy@mad4mod.co.nz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mad4modnz