27. september 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Unicity Open Meeting - United Kingdom | Brooklands Hotel | fredag, 27. september 2019

Unicity has a unique business opportunity and product line for those in the UK markert looking to create a sustainable, passive income.  Join us at our Open Meeting to learn who we are, and what we can offer you!

7-8pm: Who we are and what we offer.
8-9pm: How can you benefit from the Unicity Opportunity and the how to’s.

About the Keynote Speaker: Aaron Webber
Aaron has a long and impressive career in the direct-selling industry. He began in this industry at the age of 14. He has owned, started, bought, sold and merged companies within the industry. He has served on the DSA Board of Directors, the WFDSA CEO Council and Board of Directors and has Chaired the International Council for the same. After joining Unicity in 1997, Aaron rose rapidly through the ranks to become the part-owner and CEO of Unicity International in July 2003. After three years, he decided it was time to "walk the talk" and left that post in order to become a Distributor for Unicity. He now operates the largest AND fastest growing organization in the company and one of the same in the industry. Aaron's goal is to "lead the transformation of the industry." Aaron is an Internationally acclaimed speaker, author and trainer. Aaron graduated from the BYU Marriott School of Management with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Economics and also holds his Master's degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of business. He and his wife wonderful Karrie are the parents of six children.
For more information about this event please contact service.management@unicity.com